Terms for the Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation policy

If you wish to cancel your order placed at om packers, you can do it within 24hrs of the order made. Cancellation would not be accepted, once the consignment has been shipped.

Refund Policy

You Can request Refund after 24hrs of the Order has been successfully Cancelled. Please call support numbers or send email on


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Content Policy

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Om Logistics Packers and Movers

The Company is not responsible for any damages caused due to Environmental hazards, accidental damages or any other damage caused due natural forces. Please make sure that you have insured your goods before transport. This will help you to redeem your losses.

Types of Losses

Natural Disaster loss: Damage of your items due to weather, Earthquake, floods etc

Accidental Loss - Accidental damages of goods during Transport

Theft Loss - Theft of Goods while relocating

Loss - Loss of some items during relocation

Delay Loss - Monitory loss because of delayed delivery

Types of Moving Insurance

Generally there are 2 types of Insurances

Transit Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance

Transit Insurance

Insurance that covers your items & goods while they are in Transit mode between your Start area and your End destination.

The compensation is only given in case of Accident

It does not include Claim for Goods that are damaged at the time of Loading & Unloading.

It also includes the claim for the damaged goods caused while Packing and Moving.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance policies pay you for damages that result from Theft, Accidents, fire & Natural Disasters.

In Comprehensive Insurance - compensation is paid for any Damages excluding scratches. Additional premium is there if you would like to include fragile items like glasses.